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Our Top Tips for SEO in 2021

Want to learn the best tips for SEO? We're here to help. 

Top Tips for SEO in 2021

SEO is the secret to growing your business online. If you haven't thought about implementing SEO yet, you're missing out on some serious action to generate real, lucrative leads. 

Google has more than 200 different factors that make up its algorithm. Our goal here is to meet as many of those factors, exceed expectations, and provide exceptional, great content to rank at the top of search results. Here are our top tips for SEO in 2021. Whether you're an SEO company Sydney, or you're just trying your hand at SEO, get started here.

1. Build authority with backlinks

Backlinks are the foundation of your SEO work. You need other authority websites pointing to your own content, to show Google that you are a trusted, reliable source. If you don't have any good backlinks, you've essentially got no references. Build backlinks by creating fantastic content that other websites will genuinely want to link to. Whatever you do - don't get 10,000 spammy backlinks for $20. It won't be worth it. You're better off doing it the right way. 

2. Write good content

What's the saying? "content is king"? I think that's it. 

Whatever it is, it's true. Google loves good content. Don't copy other websites or businesses in your industry - you're the expert in your field, write about your business, products, services and what makes your business better than your competitors. SEORUS Sydney state that good content is the only way those backlinks are going to get your website ranking...

3.  Online reviews

Google My Business is your friend - use it. The more real reviews you have from previous customers, the more likely future customers will trust your business. If you have a bunch of happy customers, just ask them to leave a review! Chances are, if you've provided a great product or service (which you obviously have), they'll be happy to. 

Watch this space! More great SEO tips coming your way.